Sally Brady

Management Consultant

Sally Brady

Sally has many years human resource management experience as a practising senior HR professional working across a variety of industry sectors; from large organisations, such as GE Capital to small and medium sized enterprises. Throughout her career Sally has successfully worked with business leaders and management teams to deliver improved business performance through effectively implementing required workplace change.

Over the last six years Sally has extended her experience providing human resource consultancy services to organisations seeking senior human resource management advice and capability.

Sally’s consulting experience has seen her working for companies such as Blake Dawson Waldron, Macquarie Group, Local Government, Shell Australia, AXS-One Pty Ltd, Customer Limited and Medic Oncall. Sally is highly regarded by clients for her ‘hands on’, clear thinking and decisive approach to engagements and her ability to implement as well as create strategically. Sally’s long standing relationships with senior leaders is testament of their regard for her skills.

Sally has a Graduate Diploma in Management (HRM) and a Bachelor of Psychology which underpins her approach to orchestrating change and coaching methods with leaders. We are delighted to have Sally as a member of the Agile Solutions team.