Sahr Willis

Management Consultant

Sahr Willisn

Sahr is an experienced human resource professional that specialises in performance and reward. Sahr has a known capability for improving people performance through well-defined and managed policies, processes and systems. Sahr believes that to attract and retain talent, organisations must have people products and services on offer that are flexible and engaging, enabling people to be the best they can be.

Sahr has managed a broad range of projects for local and global organisations, from payroll establishment /outsource to performance and reward initiatives and HR Information System implementations.

Sahr’s strength in data sourcing and analysis informs her when designing logical and yet challenging business-appropriate solutions in what is a constantly evolving work environment.

Sahr brings to Agile Solutions engagements sound technical competence in the area of people performance and reward that is underpinned by strong project management capability and her drive for on-time delivery. We love having Sahr on the Agile Solutions team.