Our services

We always focus our services on enabling, supporting and strengthening your people through periods of change, ensuring successful integration and transformation.

Organisation design

Few things endure long term without being changed…. Agile Solutions works with entire organisations or part thereof through a structured process that re- defines, develops and implements changed operating structures to support the achievement of business objectives. Our experience tells us that early exploration and validation of some key factors are a must in optimising future design:

  • organisation’s size and complexity
  • age and stage in its lifecycle
  • strategy and market positioning
  • operating environment – historical, current & proposed
  • technology enablement - current & proposed
Activities include:
  • as-is structural review
  • workflow activity assessment
  • function and role accountability analysis
  • function/role redesign
  • process and business practice alignment
  • to-be structural modelling and redesign
  • workforce transition planning