Our services

We always focus our services on enabling, supporting and strengthening your people through periods of change, ensuring successful integration and transformation.

Leadership Capability

Strengthening team and leadership effectiveness is fundamental to achieving business objectives. Providing individual or team support is often a powerful catalyst for changing behaviour, growing capability and enhancing people management skills.

Agile Solutions designs workshops, tailors coaching and mentoring programs for individuals and teams, either independently or as a component of a broader initiative. Incorporated into our coaching model is a diverse range of assessment and development tools (including Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Lifestyles Inventory (LSI), Team Management Systems (TMS) and 360 feedback processes, providing useful insight into self and a collective perspective on the environment we create.

  • Assessing and validating development requirements
  • Coaching for performance packages that can be scaled according to need
  • Team effectiveness workshops